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Welcome to the wiki. Have fun there, make friendships. Or even get ranked up for being active. c:

☀Don't swear here.

You can post Roblox/Anime things here.Edit

no hentxi or ban


  • edit What is roblox ¯\ (ツ) /¯
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    Summary: English version :)
  • new page What is roblox ¯\ (ツ) /¯
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    New page: It is educational internet game made in 2006 by american studio "Roblox Corporation" Founded by Erik Cassel, David Baszucki. More info at...
  • edit Blexy Wiki
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    Summary: Latest activity:
  • discussion page hi
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    '''WELCOME TO MY PROFILE :)'''  

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    New page: Welcome to blexy's wikia! In this place, you can upload description of items from roblox, anime characters etc! have a good time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit
  • discussion page Welcome!
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    Rappy 4187

    Rappy 4187

    Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Blexy Wiki as part of the FANDOM community! It ... 

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